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Thinking about booking a trip for your senior class? Here are five reasons to do it now!

Senior year…one door closes, another opens.

For students, it is hard to believe that high school has gone by so fast. You’ve been beside your friends for so many years now – working together, playing together, and sharing important details of your lives. Many will now go their separate ways off to colleges or jobs, headed high-speed towards adulthood. Senior year is a precious time! You are on the cusp of a major new adventure and you are leaving another one behind. So it goes with life…one door closes, another opens.

For teachers, too, it is amazing to watch your students grow and change over the course of high school and it is always bittersweet to see them off at the end of the year. All the more reason to make some lasting memories together on a senior class trip before the door finally closes on their childhood.

You’ve worked so hard…and you’ll keep working hard.

Teachers and students have both worked incredibly hard all through high school. A class trip gives you all the opportunity to relax and have fun together without the stress of deadlines, exams, lesson plans, or strict schedules. Fun is the only thing on the agenda!

The truth is, the hard work doesn’t stop now. There are so many wonderful things that you will experience as an adult, but adulthood comes with a lot of responsibility and requires a ton of hard work. Take the time now to celebrate your achievements and hold on to the freedom of your high school years.

Keep it simple…let us handle the details.

Teachers, are you concerned about managing a group of students and making sure everyone is on time, reservations have been made, tickets are in hand, and all know what is coming next? Fear not, Suburban Tours will provide a tour manager to assist in making sure that life on the trip runs smoothly for everyone. You won’t have to worry about the details of the trip itself and you will be able to focus on making memories with your students.

We are very happy to create an itinerary that suits you and your students – it can be as structured or loose as you would like. Stay in high-quality hotels and rest easy with (optional) hotel security.


Now that you know that we’ll handle the details for you, let’s talk about some of the fun stuff! You and your students can visit theme parks, go on dance cruises, take a creepy ghost tour, go to a baseball game, have a bowling party…you can visit museums and natural wonders like Niagara Falls, spend time in lively cities, chill out on beautiful beaches or stroll in historic towns – the possibilities are endless. It really depends on the personalities in your group, and we will assist you in creating a trip that suits you!

Check out our destinations here.

Celebrate the bonds that have been formed these past years.

Go on, request a quote. Let’s get started!


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