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September 2017

The Skyline of Chicago, Suburban Tours September Featured Destination

Exciting Chicago: What To See in This Month’s Featured Destination

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“The Windy City” known for its distinctive downtown skyline and for the Lake Michigan waterfront is the place to visit for an array of cultural experiences, including some of the best museums in the country and entertainment choices. Add to that the great shopping and dining experiences to be found here, and this is a trip that your student group will enjoy and talk about long after the experience is over. Our list includes some of the highlights of a…

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Happy New Year!

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We know you’re still writing “2017” on your checks.   But as the leaves begin to turn and days shorten, students and educators turn their attention to the start of the school year, which marks a new chapter.  New faces fill your classroom.  New lessons fill their minds.   You’ve invested time in planning your classes.  Is travel part of your plan? There’s no subject matter that isn’t enriched by travel. Guided tours bring history to life. Hands-on museum exhibits encourage scientific…

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