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February 2017

What are you getting for your money?

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“What’s the price?”  “How much will it cost?” Often when we are asked for a proposal for a student tour, those are the first questions we’re asked.  Clearly, the cost of a trip can be a significant factor in whether or not the trip even takes place, and we know that it will be a consideration when you decide whether or not to select us as your tour operator. But the answer to that question is not always simple.   And…

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Your Students Will Love Discovering New York City!

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Still stumped trying to think of where to take your middle or high school students in 2017 or 2018? We’ve got you covered. There are so many ‘classic’ destinations in New York City that your students might not have experienced yet. Your students will treasure these memories for years to come! Of course, there’s always the Empire State Building. Your students will be awe-struck when they visit this world famous landmark and soak in the breathtaking view. While you’re there,…

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