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“What’s the price?”  “How much will it cost?”

Often when we are asked for a proposal for a student tour, those are the first questions we’re asked.  Clearly, the cost of a trip can be a significant factor in whether or not the trip even takes place, and we know that it will be a consideration when you decide whether or not to select us as your tour operator.

But the answer to that question is not always simple.   And if you are comparing proposals based on the quoted price only, you may be doing yourself and your students a disservice.  Instead, we ask that you consider the question of VALUE.   What are you getting for the price you’re paying?

There are tangible components to consider:  what is the quality of the hotel?  What type of meals are included?  Will you have a tour manager traveling with your group?

There are less obvious components:  what is the complimentary chaperone provision?  Does it meet your needs?  How many participants are required per coach?  Is trip cancellation insurance included in the program or available as an add-on?

Beyond these issues, consider such intangible factors as the following:

What experience does the tour operator have in working with student groups such as yours?

Suburban Tours has been arranging custom student tours for over 40 years.

Can the tour operator provide a sample itinerary for the type of trip you are planning?

Suburban Tours can show you how your itinerary might flow and what features you may want to consider including or excluding, based on your interests. 

How responsive is the tour operator in answering (and anticipating) your questions?

At Suburban Tours, we respond to initial inquiries within one business day.  Subsequent emails are acknowledged and answered equally quickly.

How professional and complete is the information you receive from the tour operator?

At Suburban Tours we strive to provide clear and concise proposals, including options, and detailing factors that might affect your final cost.

Developing a program for your student tour is a team effort!  As we answer your questions and you answer ours, a trip that’s perfect for your students will take shape.  And you will know that the investment they’re making is a worthwhile one.

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