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We know you’re still writing “2017” on your checks.   But as the leaves begin to turn and days shorten, students and educators turn their attention to the start of the school year, which marks a new chapter.  New faces fill your classroom.  New lessons fill their minds.   You’ve invested time in planning your classes.  Is travel part of your plan?

There’s no subject matter that isn’t enriched by travel.

  • Guided tours bring history to life.
  • Hands-on museum exhibits encourage scientific engagement.
  • Public performances reward hours of practicing and rehearsal.
  • Theatre workshops demonstrate professional opportunities in the field.
  • Art galleries provide creative inspiration.

When your students look back on this year, what will they take away with them?  If you take them away … away from the classroom, away from their daily routine … you’ll be reinforcing the material you’ve presented.

You’ll also be helping them to develop those intangible qualities that students later thank their teacher for:  curiosity, independence, cooperation, attentiveness.

40 years.  At Suburban Tours, we’ve been arranging student tours for over 40 years. 

Whether you’ve been traveling for years with a ‘tried and true’ itinerary or this will be your first student tour, we’ll consult with you to develop the most appropriate program for your needs.  Throughout the process, you’ll receive prompt, personalized service.

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