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New York City

Just as you’ll discover something new in New York City every time you visit, so the virtual tours and online activities for New York City attractions are seemingly endless.  We’d like to highlight just a few that will appeal to students and educators.  To explore further, please visit


Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum will host the Intrepid Youth Summit on Saturday, June 13:

“This FREE virtual conference invites students to hear from peers working in the fields of STEM and social advocacy, along with other cool presenters from more than 30 organizations! Participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and inspire each other to think differently and take positive action within their community. Featured speakers include Thursday Williams, star of the hit Broadway show, What the Constitution Means to Me, and Justin Shaifer, a rising star in STEM education and advocacy.”

You can find additional educational resources on their site.

American Museum of Natural History

Where else can you find field trips to these destinations?

Visit their website for many more compelling live programs with scientists and additional video programming.

Virtual Broadway

Broadway is scheduled to remain dark until September 6 at the earliest.  If you have access to Netflix, Amazon Prime or BroadwayHD, you can enjoy a variety of filmed performances.  Broadway Direct provides a list of available shows here.

And when you’re ready to plan your next tour:  Call Suburban Tours  at 800.431.3004 and speak with one of our tour experts or email us:



Feature photo: Unsplash: Taskin Ashiq
AMNH photo: Unsplash: Aditya Vyas

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