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Try a trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Sign your group up today!

We live in a noisy, noisy world, where undistracted moments of quiet beauty are increasingly rare, especially if they are not sought out. By taking your students on a trip to Niagara Falls, you have an opportunity to teach them something that will serve them well, in good times and in hard times, for the rest of their lives. You can teach them how to love the quiet.

“Quiet?” you say, “what, of a roaring waterfall where 3,160 tons of water tumble over at every second, hitting the base of the falls with up to 2,509 tons of force?

Yes, quiet. Awesome, majestic, mysterious quiet that carries within it a lesson of connectedness and introspection. It has the ability to inspire us to protect what we have and to leave the world more beautiful than when we found it. The world often pushes us in the opposite direction saying “Go! Push! Succeed!” The falls drown out the distractions and say “Stop. Listen. Discern.”

Hearing quiet is an art, like thinking, or reading books. There is more to quiet than meets the ears…Quiet is less an issue of loudness than blend. Why does a roaring waterfall calm the soul, while a tiny faucet drip wrecks a night’s sleep? Quiet isn’t acoustic mildness, it’s sharing space, each voice having its fair place, none blotting others out.

Quiet is more than a pleasant luxury. It’s the commons of freedom.” -Kenneth Maue

Freedom… an interesting concept, fraught with so much debate. Some questions to ponder with your students as you prepare for this amazing trip: What is freedom? Can it be given or taken away? Is it attainable? Is it permanent? Is it different for all of us? Can you feel it? Are freedom and quiet linked? Think of more examples of what Maue describes as “quiet.”

For more interesting conversation topics, check out some amazing facts about Niagara Falls here.



After you and your students fill your souls at the falls, you can head North to the city of Toronto, where you can let your experience sink in as you revel in the art, food and culture of Canada’s largest city.

If you think the majesty of the falls is only discoverable in nature, think again. Now prepare to see the other side – the human side. In humanity there is much darkness, but there is also great beauty and creativity. For example: at the CN Tower you can gaze out at the view from 1,815.4 ft up in the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere.

Next, enjoy the animals at the Metro Toronto Zoo, have a wild time at Canada’s Wonderland, indulge your curiosity at the Ontario Science Center, learn about hockey legends at the Hockey Hall of Fame, and rev up your adrenaline at the Playdium.

Overall, you can have one heck of a range of experiences on a trip like this…from waterfalls to city centers and from quiet beauty to wild fun – don’t miss out – request a quote right away! Your students (and your soul) will thank you. Contact Suburban Tours today!

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