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We know everyone loves a good “Top 5” list, so humor us here, because while we know a few hundred reasons why using a custom tour company will make your life easier, we want to give you some quick tidbits that will help you in your decision-making process…


# 1 Teachers are busy.

We are all busy, and as individuals we can only handle so much! When life gets hectic or you run out of time, it’s smart to consult the experts. Personal trainers can help you work towards your fitness goals, a doctor can give sound feedback about your health concerns, and an accountant can help you get the most when it’s time to do your taxes. Outsource as much as you can – it will save you time and gives you something priceless: peace of mind!

Do what you do and do it well, and if you don’t do it well, outsource.” -unknown

Do you REALLY have time to do all the research, plan activities that all (or at least most) of your students will enjoy, find restaurants that can accommodate large groups, book travel arrangements and activities and still keep it affordable? If you’re getting a headache already, leave it to the professionals.

# 2 Wrangling teens is like herding cats.

Not only have we had to wrangle groups of them ourselves, but we’ve also all been one of them…and we’ll admit to being pretty hard to wrangle. Teachers and chaperones are happy to focus on making sure all those cats head in the same direction…they don’t need to worry about keeping all the details in check too!

# 3 Do you know if you’re getting the best deal?

We all love finding a great deal and the companies we buy from know this  – why do you think every receipt and internet check-out tells you how much you have saved on your purchase?. While it felt like a big win to score on that pair of designer jeans, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to pick a date for a trip, book flights that reflect the best price, the easiest time of day to travel, and the shortest travel time for just one person, never mind a whole group. Trust in a company like Suburban Tours to do the heavy lifting for you and rest assured that not only is everything handled, but you are getting a good value too!

# 4 Not knowing the best restaurants.

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve been traveling in an unfamiliar place and you suddenly realized that you were ravenous? Predictably, you begin to wither from hunger, become stressed and less able to make decisions, and end up somewhere random. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the fabulous restaurants that the chosen destination has to offer! While spontaneity has its’ perks, we don’t want you to end up with mediocre fare. Allow us to use our vast network of foodie knowledge to ensure that your group is getting the ‘full’ experience.

# 5 Keep them engaged and schedule daily activities.

We, like you, appreciate all the wonderful personalities of your students, but we also know that you need to keep them engaged! Not only to satisfy the questions of “what’s next?” but also to avoid spending too much time in one place, getting cranky, or worse…getting bored. Leave the creativity to us and focus on learning and having fun with your group!

Well, there you have it – the top 5 reasons to use a tour company like Suburban Tours. This list comes from our own travel experiences and mistakes, and we sincerely hope our advice will save you time, money, and give you peace of mind. Request a quote now.

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