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Here at Suburban Tours, we believe that traveling makes the world a better place. It opens hearts and minds and makes friends out of strangers. As a teacher – besides your daily lessons and continuous presence, traveling together is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your students. Follow along below as we outline the evolution of a student tour and talk about the incredible value of traveling.

In 2016 an independent survey commissioned by Momondo of 7,292 people across 18 countries showed a “clear correlation between travel and trust.” Those who travel, they found, “have more trust in other people, religions, and nationalities.”

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We understand that as teachers, it is your duty to not only teach your subject matter, but to help your students become compassionate, curious, and capable citizens of the world. At Suburban tours, we want to help you do that by making it possible for you to travel with your students and open their eyes to new places, people, and experiences.

If you have been thinking about taking your students on a trip:

Don’t go it alone… If you are considering a student tour, first things first: consult with a professional student tour planner. At Suburban we have the experience to advise you of suitable destinations, attractions and opportunities that will enhance your tour and contribute to its success. Before you spend hours of your time trying to plan a trip on your own – just give our friendly staff a call at 1-800-431-3004 and we will work out the details together.

Think: Convenience. We will meet with you at your school, discuss your plans on the phone, or conduct business through e-mail. No matter how we communicate, you will receive the personalized attention you deserve.

A tour planner will help you:

  • Establish an appropriate budget for your trip
  • Determine dates of travel
  • Select an appropriate destination that you and your students can look forward to
  • Select accommodations that make sense for your group and your itinerary
  • Arrange meals to suit your group’s preferences and size
  • Select the type of trip that satisfies your objectives

*Music groups will find that tour planners are knowledgeable about performance venues, festivals, competitions and activities.

*Middle schools will love to learn America’s story by visiting exciting historical places.

*Senior class trips can be customized to include fun theme parks!

Of course, your tour planner will be knowledgeable about all the ways you can make your trip both fun and educational! We are travel experts. We know that working out all the details can be tiresome and time-consuming…and we know the work of teaching requires a lot of you already. Let us handle the details so you can focus on the important stuff.

To make sure that your students have an adventure with memories that last a lifetime and inform their futures in ways they cannot yet image, plan in advance. Advance planning ensures availability of the right hotels, motorcoaches, restaurants and attractions. With a preliminary projection of your counts, we can begin making reservations on your behalf right away!

In most cases, no deposit is due until fall. We’ll provide you with a payment schedule that enables us to handle all the payments due on your tour. We will even advise you of any deadlines that need to be met so that you are worry free!

Enjoy your summer vacation and just remember…Adventure awaits! Enrich your life and mind and book now for 2017.

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