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We have the perfect spot to take your students… New York City! Now, we know what you’re thinking… “Been there, done that!” You might think you and your students have seen all NYC has to offer, but we invite you to rediscover New York City with these destinations that are a little more “off the beaten path.”

  • The Museum of the Moving Image is the country’s only museum that explores the history of the moving image in all its forms. The museum is the go-to destination for those of “all ages and interests, from connoisseurs of classic cinema to children and families to avid gamers.” Catch a screening of one of several award winning films, or check out one of their rotating exhibitions like “Behind the Screen” or their Martin Scorsese exhibition.

  • Have your students experienced the Bronx Zoo? Students will ‘go wild’ over seeing their favorite animals up close and personal, like the African Lion, Western Lowland Gorilla, California Sea Lion, Tiger, and more! And be sure to check out their 4-D theater, catch a camel ride, or feed the penguins while you’re there.

  • Bring your comfortable sneakers and take students on a self-guided walk over the Brooklyn Bridge! Experience the spectacular view of Manhattan and Brooklyn and get some exercise – plus self-guided tours are free, and guided tours are very budget-friendly. Self-guided tours begin at City Hall Park, on the Manhattan side of the bridge, and ends in Brooklyn. Catch a bite to eat in Brooklyn while you’re there!

  • Have you heard of the High Line? The High Line was a historic freight line that has been made into a public park! With an incredible view of the city, the High Line also offers special field trip programming including: “Native New York – Native Ecology on the Skyline,” “Rivers and Railways – History on the High Line,” and “Park in the Sky – Designing the High Line.” This will be an experience students won’t soon forget.

  • Located right outside New York City, the Museum of Jewish Heritage is an experience for older students that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Experience Jewish heritage before, during, and after the Holocaust. You might also have the once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with a Holocaust survivor. Experience the powerful exhibitions on your own or in a guided tour.

  • As their name suggests, Levys’ Unique New York (LUNY!) provides some unique guided tours of the city. Experience their “Financial $tudies & the Birth of New York City” tour, their Military History Tour, their “Jewish Gangsters of the Lower East Side” tour, and many more! LUNY! tour guides are trained to provide educational, entertaining, and energetic tours, so students will learn something new, and enjoy the hilarity of LUNY! tours!

Want to show your students New York City while avoiding the typical tourist spots? Suburban Tours has you covered. Want to experience New York City “classic” destinations? We can do that, too! Check out our NYC “Classics” blog, and contact Suburban Tours today at 401-723-6770. We’ll handle every detail, from start to finish.

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