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Whether you’re considering traveling with your students for the first time or you’re an old pro and take your students away every year, we’re here for you!  Here’s a step by step guide to take you where you want to go.  Can you answer these questions about your next student tour?


You intuitively know all the benefits of travel for your student.  Articulating your objective aids in securing administrative approval, answering parental questions, and generating excitement among your students for the trip.  What are your objectives?  What are your goals?  What do you want students to take away from this experience?


The answers to those questions may point to a clearly preferable destination.  Or you may discover that a number of options will suit your needs.

The best destination for you will reflect your goals for the trip.  Your budget and dates of travel may also make a particular destination better suited to your group.


Are you able to take days out of school for your trip?  Does your school require that you travel during school vacation?  How much time do you need for advance planning or fundraising?  Do you need to travel at a particular time of year for a specific reason, such as to perform in a particular parade or attend a specific exhibition?  Do you need to schedule around testing, sporting events, and prom?


How many students do you expect will travel?  Will you be traveling by motorcoach or air?  What is a realistic budget for your group?

Once you have answers to these questions – even if they are preliminary – you’re ready to answer “Who?

Suburban Tours – Your Travel Partner

Partnering with a tour operator at this early stage simplifies every step of the process.  We’ve been student tour specialists for over 40 years!  Put our experience to work for you:  we’ll provide you with a package that includes transportation, hotels, meals, sightseeing features, a complimentary chaperone provision, the assistance of a tour manager throughout your trip, and any other components you require.  Our destination knowledge insures appropriate hotel selection, great group-friendly restaurant choices, and an itinerary specifically designed for students.

Next step:  Approval

Does your trip require administrative approval?  Will your proposal be reviewed by your principal, superintendent or school committee?  Some districts require approval before a trip can be announced to students and families.  Check meeting schedules if necessary and give yourself enough time for all the steps required.

When possible, we recommend planning in the spring for the following spring’s travel.  You’ll have the best access to the most popular features.

Sign Them Up!

When it comes time to register your students for the trip, we suggest an informational meeting for parents.  They’ll hear your enthusiasm and will recognize the opportunity you are creating for their child.  Taking an initial deposit at the time of sign-up helps you confirm and solidify the number of participants to determine if initial projections were accurate.  That in turn helps us make the best reservations on your behalf.

Together with you, we’ll continue to develop a custom itinerary that supports your goals and lets your students live up to their potential, giving them an opportunity to develop confidence, perspective and independence.  When the motorcoach departs the school or the plane takes to the air, your group will be on the shared experience of a lifetime!


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