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Our marching band client had traveled from Massachusetts to Orlando during their Christmas vacation.  Their 120+ member band had performed in parades in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and in Universal Studios.  The remainder of their time was spent enjoying theme park rides and attractions.  While the East Coast experienced one of the worst winters in memory, they enjoyed the Florida sunshine.

As their departure time approached, so too did another winter storm.  And as they waited to board their charter flight, Boston was being shut down by the snow.  It could have been a catastrophe.

Fortunately, each participant was covered by trip delay and cancellation insurance.  With that guarantee, we were able to arrange for an additional day’s stay in Orlando for the group.  And when they returned home, they were reimbursed for the cost of accommodations, food and transportation incurred by the unexpected delay.

There are a multitude of reasons for insuring your travel arrangements.  This subject is usually the least alluring aspect of trip planning to address.  Nevertheless, the importance of protecting your investment should not be avoided.   Weather forced thousands of airline cancellations this past winter.  A last minute illness such as an ear infection can result in significant non-refundable losses.  Emergencies arise requiring a return home ahead of schedule.  With trip cancellation or delay insurance, you can travel with peace of mind.

The wise traveler will include travel insurance in their package.  A knowledgeable travel consultant will help you to select the appropriate type of insurance for your tour.  Be sure you’re informed of your options and make the decision that best reflects your group’s needs.

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