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Student tours cover a multitude of destinations, subject matter and activities.  Thoughtful teachers and group leaders carefully decide how their trip can serve as an extension of the classroom, addressing curriculum requirements and educational objectives.

And we support these endeavors.

But sometimes you just want to have fun!  And student tours always include an element of fun.  It’s inherent when students travel together and have a bonding experience.

And it’s enhanced by including a visit to a theme park on your tour!

Some trips are naturally dominated by theme park visits, such as a trip to Orlando with visits to the Walt Disney World or Universal Studios parks.  Or perhaps a Senior Class trip through the mid-Atlantic states that includes stops at Six Flags Great Adventure, Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens.

Or a theme park visit might add a bit of local flavor to your tour:  consider an excursion to Cedar Point when visiting Cleveland, or a day at Canada’s Wonderland when in the Toronto area.

In addition to the thrills of the rides and the calls of the Midway, many theme parks offer educational programming as well:

  • Canobie Lake offers a variety of courses in subject matters ranging from physics to videography to marketing.
  • Hersheypark celebrates Health & Wellness day and History Day, among many others.
  • Six Flags parks throughout the country offer special Education Days to student groups.

So, when you’re ready to plan your next student tour, we’re here to work with you to design a tour with the perfect balance of education and fun!

Where can we take you and your students?  Call Suburban Tours  at 800.431.3004 and speak with one of our tour experts or email us:

Featured image: Incygneia from Pixabay

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