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As a student tour operator, our work is largely in rhythm with the school year.  Most of our groups travel in the spring, with planning ranging from three months out to eleven months out, depending on the type of trip and the group leader’s availability and planning style.  While our mantra is usually “Earlier is better,” that isn’t always possible and very successful trips have been pulled off within a shorter time frame.

So when teachers return to school in the fall, we’re busy providing preliminary proposals and assisting them in developing a program that meets their educational objectives while providing the students with an exciting and worthwhile experience.  As the winter months approach, we’re confirming all of the components that create a rich, structured itinerary.  Spring brings a flurry of activity as room lists arrive, final details are resolved, and the buses, planes and trains head out, bringing our clients and their students to their exciting destination.

Before you know it, the groups have returned, flush with enthusiasm from their time together.  As the end of the school year approaches, everyone’s attention turns to other matters.

But not for us!

We’re reviewing feedback on the year’s trips.  What was successful?  What could have been improved upon?

We’re researching destinations.  What’s new?  What’s improved?  What can we offer to our clients that will make a familiar destination exciting year after year?

We’re developing new programs:  Girl Scout troop adventures.  Art department museum tours.  Social Studies educational programs.

We’re getting ready for you!  If planning a performance tour or a Senior Class trip or a year end class trip to Washington, DC, is on your to-do list, we’ll be here ready to jumpstart the planning process for you, as the annual cycle of student travel continues.

In the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying a well earned hiatus from the classroom.  We’ll be here when you return.

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