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Dear Music Lovers (teachers, parents and students alike),

There is no greater downer than being weighed down by baggage. It can really get in the way of living! To make your vacation a lighter experience, we offer multiple options on our band and chorus trips that will help to ease the load of your luggage,

If you are a music lover, or a performer, then you are familiar with the work of carrying around a lot of stuff…at school all day, to and from lessons, and back and forth home. You do it because you love to play and perform, but who wants to lug everything around when you’re on vacation?

We also know that you want your instruments close at hand. They are valuable in so many ways. Music soothes the soul, lifts the spirit, and enlivens the mind. Students – you are so lucky to have recognized this incredible part of life at an early age!

Suburban Tours has over 35 years of experience specializing in the types of tours that the music lover in you will thoroughly enjoy. And because we understand the needs of our customers, we want to make sure you (and your instruments) travel smoothly.

Here are some ways to lessen the burden of equipment and luggage so you and your group can have your hands free and ready to fully enjoy the experiences that await you:

*Opt to DIY: On our motorcoach tours, students will usually handle their own luggage and equipment. This is a great option if you know your kids can handle carrying their things when necessary but need a good place to store everything. The motorcoach is a safe place to leave your things when sightseeing and you will breathe easy knowing everything is all in one place and readily accessible.

*Get a Chase Vehicle: Groups can choose to have a chase vehicle – a truck driven by a chaperone with the instruments (and sometimes luggage) inside. This allows the group to have the truck meet them at any performance site for loading and unloading what they need.

*Send your equipment by car as you fly: When groups fly to their destination, they can opt to have a truck drive down to meet them. 

*Rent at your destination: Another good option is to rent instruments at the destination. For example, Disney offers string instrument rentals (cellos, etc.) in Anaheim. In New Orleans, groups have worked with Bernard Productions.

At Suburban we are the student group travel specialists. We will work closely with teachers and parents to make sure everyone has the option to unburden themselves, get silly, dance around and have a good ol’ Sugar Foot Stomp with friends, light, free, and at ease knowing you’re headed to your next performance prepared.

Teachers and Parents: Now is the time to book for 2017 tours. Give your music lovers the experience of a lifetime. Our band & chorus trips include incredible master classes, public performances, and once in a lifetime opportunities!

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Jazz Exhibit in the Museum of Natural History

Image courtesy of Charlie Jude

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