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As a group leader, it’s your number one concern, and we share it.  We understand the responsibility you are assuming for the well-being of your students, and all the decisions made in the design of your trip are guided by that priority.  Carefully selected hotels, dedicated hotel security guards, well-maintained motorcoaches: all contribute to the confidence you can have in our tours.

One of the most critical aspects of your trip is the design of your itinerary.  Once upon a time, tours left in the wee hours of the dawn and activities kept the group out until curfew.  We still have clients who would ideally operate on that schedule.

However, that schedule is not ideal for your motorcoach driver.   An experienced and safe driver is crucial to the success of your tours.  Often, they’re the ‘unsung hero’ of the trip, seemingly effortlessly transferring you from one exciting activity to another.

Federal safety requirements, in conjunction with digital logs and other ways of monitoring driver activity, have resulted in a new approach to itinerary development.  For example, fewer and fewer motorcoach operators are willing to schedule trips with overnight driving.  Additionally, a driver’s day is limited to 15 hours on duty, and they must have a minimum of 9 hours off overnight.  These guidelines must be observed with care, for everyone’s benefit.

What does that mean for your tour?  As we consult with you about your itinerary, we will advise you of any adjustments that need to be made for safety’s sake.  Depending on your priorities, you may choose to have us request a relief driver en route, providing for a longer travel day.  Or a local transfer at your destination for an evening activity.  While these provisions may add to the cost of your program, the peace of mind you’ll have is priceless.


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