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We have the perfect spot for you to take your middle or high school students during the 2018 school year – Cleveland, Ohio! You might be thinking, “Really? Ohio?” but trust us – there is so much to do and see in Cleveland!

  • Students will say visiting the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was one field trip that really rocked! On each of their five floors, there are rotating exhibits on all of the legends – from Tupac Shakur, to the Beatles, to Elvis Presley. Students will love the “Right Here, Right Now” exhibit exploring rock’s impact on today’s generation of artists, including Sia and Bruno Mars.

  • Cedar Point, the “roller coaster capital of the world,” is sure to excite students of all ages. Thrill-seeking students will enjoy miles of high speed roller coasters. Beach-loving students can build sandcastles at the Cedar Point beach, jet ski on Lake Erie, or relax at the pool.

  • Students will go wild at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! The Cleveland Zoo has everyone’s favorite animals and everything in between: bears, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, koalas, lions, orangutans, tigers, and much, much more! While you’re there, check out their Wolf Lodge, 4-D theater, and Circle of Wildlife Carousel.

  • There is something for students of all ages to learn at the Great Lakes Science Center! Explore their nanotechnology mini-exhibition, Solarworks exhibition on solar power, Windworks exhibition on wind power, the NASA Glenn visitor center, the historic William G. Mather steamship, their Biomedtech exhibitions, any number of their youth exhibits for little ones, and so much more!

  • Do you have any A Christmas Story fans in your class? The A Christmas Story House is open year round for tours directly across the street from the A Christmas Story House Museum! Yes, this is the house used in the movie, and it has been restored to its movie splendor. The museum boasts iconic props like Randy’s snowsuit, the family car, the chalkboard from Miss Shields’ classroom, and rare behind-the-scenes photos.

Interested in any of these tours? Suburban Tours can handle everything from start to finish! Contact us today at 401-723-6770.


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